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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Auto Attend system and why should you get it?
Auto Attend System helps you as a business owner to stay on top of your communication with your customers, makes you look very professional to them and never miss an important call. As an owner of a modest enterprise, you present yourself as a professional heavyweight by setting up the IVR who welcomes your callers and prompts them to press certain keys for certain actions. The entire system is inexpensive and can be setup in few minutes unlike a call center.
Other than business owners, who will benefit from it ?
As a marketer you can use Auto Attend system to generate phone leads & direct those leads to your customers (business owners) & let them know that you sent them those leads by using our call whisper feature. Then you can record those calls and charge your customers based on every phone call.
What are the best features of Auto Attend & why it’s different?
You can get a tollfree or a local number along with features like call recording, browser dialer, live call forwarding, call whisper, multiple menus, multiple voices with many languages and more. We have made a system that people usually pay 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars monthly to use for just a few dollars every month. You can forward your calls to any number you want or you can assign certain keys to send a text message to the caller’s. You can also receive voice mails right into your email and you can check them in your control dashboard in the Auto Attend system. All this is achieved by using our simple and elegant IVR configuration interface
Do I need to get rid of my phone number when I get Auto Attend?
You cannot attach Auto Attend’s IVR system directly to your existing number. However you can forward the calls from the IVR to your phone number. So no, don’t get rid of your phone number just use it with Auto Attend to handle your calls in a more professional & smarter way.
Can I use your service If I live outside US & Canada?
Yes, unlike other companies Auto Attend can be used internationally.
Can I buy a specific phone number?
Yes, you can choose the number you want when you sign up. You will find local numbers that can be used with local customers. We allow you to search phone numbers by prefixes. Also you can add more than one number to your account at any time, it’s really simple.
How am I going to be billed ?
You will be billed based on the plan you choose. We use Paypal for payment. You will need to recharge your IVR with credits if it is low. The credits will be used for the calls received and forwarded on the IVR. To check call rates, check our pricing page.
How to temporarily suspend all calls received ?
You can reject all incoming calls with a busy tone by turning on the Do Not Disturb button in the IVR. You will not be billed for any of these calls.
I cannot find the feature that I want. What can I do?
You can send us an email ( with the feature you are looking for. We will get it done. There are tons of features in the system which were developed purely based on customer requests.
I am not able to configure the IVR. Can someone help me?
We are here to help. Check our blog for guidance. If you feel you are still clueless, we will set it up for you. We can even schedule a demo on request.

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