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By admin / April 15, 2018

Auto Call Management: Take Your Startup To The Next Level

  Over the years, startups across the globe have seen tremendous development. Advancements in technologies are more than ever and…

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By admin / February 23, 2018

SMS , Number Masking System, Direct Forwarding List & More

We have been busy working on new features at Autoattend. All US phone numbers, and soon other countries, will now…

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By admin / May 25, 2017

Brand New Dashboard & Analytics Section Refreshed

We have made a ton of changes on the dashboard that I daresay regular users of Auto attend application will…

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By admin / May 17, 2017

The World of Sales Leads

Sales and leads. Certain things never change in the constantly evolving business models. Every business needs its sales and they…

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By admin / April 7, 2017

Introducing Browser Dialer

We have just released a feature that will allow you to use the IVR phone numbers to make calls. Right…

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By admin / December 28, 2016

Transparent Pricing and Change in Billing

When we started our product offering , we were focussed in acquiring customers based in the USA. So our billing…

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By admin / December 27, 2016

New Features – Direct Call Forwarding, Call Whisper, Call Recording

We have added new call forwarding features to all the IVRs . Now all incoming calls can be forwarded to another phone…

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By admin / November 21, 2016

Voice And Language Options

We have added the ability to choose between male or a female voice in Play text actions. Additionally you can…

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By admin / September 27, 2016

Business Hours

We have finally released the business hours feature for your IVRs at AutoAttend. You can configure the business hours from…

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By admin / December 21, 2015

Bring Your Own Twilio Number

We had been getting plenty of requests from customers for connecting an IVR to their existing twilio phone numbers. We just…

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