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Auto Call Management: Take Your Startup To The Next Level


Over the years, startups across the globe have seen tremendous development. Advancements in technologies are more than ever and have turned in to an inspirational ground for new companies. From taxi-cab organizations, electronic health records to online retail business, the startups are wildly developing. As per the ASSOCHAM study, the US and the UK occupy the top positions followed by India in the third position in the number of technology driven startups. The US tops the rank with over 80,000 budding entrepreneurs, followed by India and China 10,000 each.Embracing innovative technology for dealing with the everyday tasks and giving remarkable client service has a significant effect between keeping in front of the competition or falling behind. One of those most significant innovation arrangements that a startup must execute is call management system. Adapting to changing customer needs is critical for any startup to succeed. Customer responsiveness plays a crucial role.


Delivering higher standards of customer response and customer service has become imperative for old and new companies alike. To achieve this, having appropriate technology in place is of utmost importance. Handling timely customer calls and communicating relevant information efficiently is the need of the hour. An unattended call can destroy brand’s image and credibility in a big way. Thus, the companies should make an effort to align the call management using innovative technologies such as the cloud IVR systems.

Automated phone answering: A new way to enhances customer service

Almost every small business owner faces the dilemma of answering every incoming phone call as quickly as possible in order to tap the sale or give the best customer service. But that’s not as easy as it may look. Without a dedicated team and call management technology in place, this is simply not possible. This is where an automated phone answering comes handy.

Here is how it can help startups and small businesses in delivering quality customer service –

  1. Fewer dropped calls – With the help of an automated phone answering system, a call is never dropped, but answered promptly when you and team is highly busy. It also allows to route calls to any cell phone or landline phone.
  2. Professional greeting – A pre-configured greeting message to your caller signifies credibility and professionalism of an organization. A simple audio recording or an announcement can make the difference.
  3. Call recording – The auto call management can enable the customer to leave a voicemail and allow your team to get notified about the recording via an email.
  4. Cost effectiveness – The cloud IVR system facilitating automated virtual phone system can significantly reduce costs involved in call centre management by eliminating the need for human call assistance.
  5. Better customer experience – Studies reported that 55% of customers favor automated call service  as seen in the larger telecom companies. Customers get the choice of how and where to direct their calls.

Automated phone answering from AutoAttend ( is a cost-effective and efficient solution for the startups and small businesses helping you sound like a fortune 500 company in a compact business budget.

Simply sign up with AutoAttend and you are prepared to make a first professional impression and associate your customer to your team regardless of where they are. No upkeep, no new programming to learn, only a virtual phone system that helps you to accomplish your business objectives.

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