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Bring Your Own Twilio Number

We had been getting plenty of requests from customers for connecting an IVR to their existing twilio phone numbers. We just delivered the feature today.

This feature just costs a fee of $40/year. You get a fully fledged cloud IVR with all the features like speech-to-text, call forwarding , voice mails , multilevel submenus , custom audio playback, repeat menu, SMS to caller, call logs, call analytics and more. Your IVR gets immediately activated and will be live within seconds after completing the payment.

You just need to give us the twilio phone number , twilio account Sid and the auth token. You should be able to find the account Sid and the auth token in your twilio account’s dashboard.

Just follow these steps:

1)Sign up at AutoAttend and head over to the Dashboard. You should see 2 options for you there.

2)Choose the “Bring your own number” option and input the fields listed there.

3)Once done, it will redirect you to the paypal page for completing the payment.

4)Complete it and get your live IVR the next second.

The purchased IVR will now be in your dashboard and you can configure away to your heart’s content.

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