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number of your choice
Number of your choice

Choose a number of your choice from our huge collection of phone numbers. We have numbers from over 44 countries

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Browser Dialer

Call your friends & family all over the world directly from the browser. You get to choose your caller id from the list of your phone numbers.

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Call recording

Ask the caller to leave a voice mail and get notified about the recording via email

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Call History and Analytics

Get detailed call logs and analytics. Learn about the options frequently chosen by the callers

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Call Forwarding

Transfer a call received on your IVR. You can choose to make an announcement before transferring the call

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Multilevel IVR

Configure submenus and let your caller navigate between menus with a press of a key

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SMS to caller

Allow callers to receive a preconfigured text message with a press of a button

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Text to speech

Enter a few words and hear our IVR convert it to voice and play it back to the caller

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Bring your own Number

Have your own number at Twilio ? Just plug it into our IVR. No monthly charges or hidden costs

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Call whisper

Configure a whisper text to be played to the person who is accepting the forwarded calls. This feature is useful for the person to understand the context of the caller.

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Business hours

Restrict your IVR behavior to specific business hours. You can configure the time you work in advanced settings. Calls received outside this time frame can be configured separately.

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Do not disturb

Suspend calls temporarily with Do not disturb option. Turning it on, will reject all incoming calls. Rejected calls will not be billed.

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Multiple languages with accents

We support multiple languages including English, Spanish, French. Different accents for English is also available. By default, all text to speech are selected with English(US) setting.

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Professional Greeting

Announce a pre-configured greeting to your caller. It can be a simple audio recording or an announcement that converts text to speech

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Hunt Groups

Distribute the calls received on a number to a group of people. You can ring them either simultaneously or sequentially. If none answer, we take a voice mail from the caller.

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Send and receive fax from anywhere using our phone number. You can view and save the faxes received as pdf documents.

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Create user accounts for your employees. Transfer calls to them directly from the IVR. Set user privileges to control the sections that they can access in the website.

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